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Become a strategy facilitation hero.
Enable teams to make confident decisions
and future proof their business.

You will benefit the most from the program as
• Business Innovation Facilitator,
• Business Designer,
• Strategic Designers,
• Consultant or
• with a similar background.

Join our Strategy Design Sprint Mastermind starting June 18 and experience hands-on learning, intense collaboration, and a guided execution to design individual strategies.

• With a group of 10 people
• For 4 weeks
• 15 h online
• In English

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What the Strategy Design Sprint Mastermind looks like

The Strategy Design Sprint Concept

What to expect?

The Strategy Design Sprint Mastermind is a well-designed program incorporating 12 years of experience in strategy work and practices with Design Sprints.

The program is perfect for facilitators who want to go to the next level and create strategies with teams.

And for organizations that need a strategy and want to use a robust framework to create it within our Mastermind program and later on a frequent level.

In the Mastermind program, you'll have a unique experience of hands-on learning, intensive collaboration, and guided execution to design one or more individual strategies.

We host our group on Mighty Network from where you can access the sessions, material, and communicate with your teammates and coaches!


Tools and assets

Our Agenda

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Your Coaches

Sabrina Goerlich
Strategic Designer and founder of the Designsprintstudio. She worked for companies like Porsche, Mercedes, Daimler, Lapp, and many others, She trains Design Sprints, runs a variety of innovation workshops and designs workshops for special needs.
Sabrina is the Google Design Sprint Chapter Lead of Stuttgart.

Marco Velasco
is Director of Innogyzer and Sr. Consultant on Innovation and Business Strategy issues. Marco has 12 years of experience and has directed projects for PEMEX, Adidas, Coca-Cola, Volkswagen, Uber, and many others. He is also an author, professor, and lecturer.
Marco is the Google Design Sprint Chapter Lead of Mexico.

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See how others talk about us

"I am truly enjoying Sabrina's Design Sprint Training. The way that the training is organized allows me to learn the theory on my own, as well as putting in practice what we learned in our weekly group class. And she always takes the time to answer all our questions, or listen to our improvement suggestions... On top of that, I benefit from becoming part of Sabrina's huge community. I participated in some of her events, and learned a lot of tips for work and life. I would definitely recommend this course for all curious minds interested in agile methods, or involved in innovation projects and services." 
Maria Marenco, Bosch Incubator

Sabrina is the authority on Design Sprints in the south of Germany. Her training guided me to facilitate Design Sprints and more. Having completed the Design Sprint Pro Training made me grow as a facilitator. The combination of on demand content and weekly training session delivers flexibility on one hand and throurough practice on the other hand. She took time to take on my specific needs and helped me prepare for my own sessions. Leaving the training I feel prepared to do the next step, to gather practice out in the wild.
Finn Hampel, Team-Entrepreneurship Student at Germanys first Team-Academy