From idea to product
in just 4 days!

After 25 years working as a design agency

we finally closed the gap between creative design and viable business solutions that work


Design Sprint, you say?

The Design Sprint is a highly focused teamwork 4 day-process – developed by Google Venture. It is a streamlined solution-finding strategy

which creates a real prototype of the product

and conducts interviews with real users for feedback, all within a short timeframe.


What benefits are there from the Design Sprint?

Meetings with endless discussions and no immediate solutions are frustrating.
Who hasn’t felt futility after an unproductive meeting?

With the Design Sprint you create a clear understanding between your team to visualize an achievable goal.

This saves a lot of time and money!


The Design Sprint Timeframe!

The steps defined in the Design Sprint are:

What can you expect from a Design Sprint?

After 4 days you will have a high fidelity prototype which will be intensely tested by real users of your target group.  With this you can develop the product further...


What are the next steps after the Design Sprint?

The prototype can be presented to stakeholders.

Or, the valuable user feedback can lead into an Iteration Sprint, in order to improve what you have.


Which challenge do you have?

Let's talk!

The Design Sprint can help in a lot of situations: New Product Development, Product improvement, App and Website Development, finding new markets, and much more...

We offer Design Sprints in Stuttgart and Hamburg with our team. We are open for travel and remote work, too!


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From idea
to product
in just 4 days!